Applefest Market

Get set for the Harcourt Applefest Market 2017.We’re dedicated to making it great for the market-goers and ensuring that all stall-holders want to keep coming back year-after-year.

The Harcourt Applefest Market is well known for showcasing local wines, food, cider and produce, as well as quality crafts and other artisan products.
The market will be held on 11 March 2017 in the Stanley Park precinct along High Street, Harcourt.
The market will be open to market-goers from 9am to 3pm.

Applications to be a stall holder at the Harcourt Applefest Market 2017 are now open. Express your interest here and join in the fun!

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Details of Stall

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Street Address

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Harcourt Applefest 2016 is open to applications for four different types of site:
1) Food & Beverage Vendors;
2) Other Produce & Craft;
3) Community Groups
4) Not-for-profit stalls.

For which type of stall are you applying?


Products for sale: please describe exactly what is to be sold. If selling beverages, specify the types and brands to be sold. (NB: You may only sell items that you list here.)

Site Size

Standard outdoor sites are 3m x 3m.
If you require a site larger than 3m x 3m you must book additional sites.

How many standard sites do you want to reserve for your stall?


Site Power

Powered sites are available for +$10 per site
Stalls that require electricity must cover this additional cost in advance.
As a stall holders with a power connection, you must bring your own tagged leads. Long ones!

Do you require power for your stall?



Tick those boxes which apply to you and your stall

MASC Food handlers certificate and permit

Liquor licence


Not applicable


Marketing and Promotional Opportunities

Stallholders who submit an application and pay the associated fees by January 30, are eligible to have their stall/product included in Harcourt Applefest Market 2016 marketing, including the website, Facebook page and in printed materials.

An image and 30-word stall description that are suitable for publication are required for the advertising.

Upload image file:
Stall Description (for publication & marketing):

Anything else?

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Harcourt Applefest Market 2016 stall holder information

When: Saturday 12th March 2016 from 9 am – 3 pm.
Set up time: You may start setting up from 7am onwards to be ready by 9am. Stall holders must remain set up until the finish time.
Venue: Stanley Park precinct – High Street Harcourt, Vic 3453.
Reserved parking: Available exclusively to stall holders at the north end of the Pony Club, located on the corner of High and Bridge Street.
Insurance: If you do not have your own insurance, you will be required to sign a waiver prior to the event.
Signage: All signage must be kept within your 3×3 metre site
Rubbish: Keep the area as tidy as possible. Please place rubbish in bins provided and recyclables in recycle bin or take home.

Permits and other requirements:
Stall holders selling food and/or beverages at the Harcourt Applefest Market must:
a) apply for a food handling certificate and permit from the Mount Alexander Shire Council, available at their website
or call the Environmental Health Unit on (03) 5471 1768.
b) have own product liability insurance.
c) liquor licence for wineries and beer and cider producers.
d) public liability insurance (must provide certificate of currency).
All relevant stall holders are asked to have these items with them on the day of the Market.

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