Apples, wines, bikes and community.
It’s all on around here. You just need to know where to look.

Harcourt’s role as Australia’s apple centre is still evident all around, and it is the basis of our annual Applefest celebrations. But these days, there’s as much or more to do with wines and cycling. This mix of the old and the new makes for a pretty good way to fill in the days.



Fresh Apples

Yes, Applefest makes for March madness, but everything’s apples here for quite a bit longer than that.

Apple Harvest

February to May, annually

Blossoms of spring lead in to busy picking time. Picking is done by hand using ladder and picking bags. From there, they’re collected into wooden containers. When filled, the containers are towed by tractor to a coolstore, where a controlled atmosphere keeps our apples fresh and crisp for great eating.

Keep an eye out for orchard vehicles on the local roads. Ask for new season fruit at your local fruiterer.

Where and when to buy Harcourt apples?

New season apples are available about the time of Harcourt Applefest, in March of each year.
Around Harcourt, roadside shops get their apple supplies straight from the orchards.
At the Melbourne Wholesale Market, our apples are available all year round.



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